Persistence for starters.

Your inner voice needs you to be persistent. This is the most essential theme for writing in the 21st century.

There are hard stuff and there are boring stuff. Have you ever heard of tedious stuff? I’m not even sure that tedious is the right word to describe it but my life, probably yours too, is full of it.

Think of endless promises to hit the gym regularly, take more time to appreciate your loved ones for staying near you more often or just going to classes regularly. Are they hard? Sure, depends on your daily mood but if you think really hard they are really not that hard. Are they boring? hell no, they would feel great if done consistently that is why you are contemplating doing it in the first place. But that is the tediousness, you need to be consistent.

Writing or blogging as the popular term for creating content on the internet dwells on that idea of consistency. You need to be consistent for every piece you put out there. Let’s unpack all of that meaning from that word, we may get to something else. You need to be timely consistent, that means keeping your storefront active. Not with shiny new stuff though, unless you are progressing towards literary pieces; there are less benefits to trying to churn out original art pieces every now and then. I strive to find key ideas in my work and student life and constantly re-iterate on those ideas. You can see how that went if you have read my blog 1 year or 2 years from now. Most of the older posts have been re-written respective to the main topics but their titles are intact. Guess what, I am older and most things that occupy my head 2 years prior is just laughing stock. But most themes keep their importance for the most of your life.

They have to be structurally consistent. That means the reason, intent and the desired impact of your writing has to be something you value just like your promises of hitting the gym, reading a lot more etc. had originated from your probable desire of getting better as an individual. This had more benefits to your voice than you would have imagined. You’d avoid copying others for ideas and focus more on your unique story and how it projects your voice as a blogger. Coming up with your own ideas forces you to find your own data, topics and examples. Whether you chose to edit your posts and re-publish them is up to you but read my ‘About’ section in the top right corner and you can find benefits for that practice too.

Just like gym and other good stuff, some people happen to be naturally good at it or you feel, for any reason to be lacking behind. Somehow there are people who knew more or started earlier and there is now a gap between you and them. On a deeper level all you can think of that made your character (excluding environment or things outside of your control) are the things that you did consistently. It became second nature of you to be consistent in the things you did. Similarly for the guy at the gym, exercising is just a second nature or they are trying to get to that level.

I can comfortably place writing in that category of hard-boring-tedious scale for the tediousness of it. A lof of nice things in life are just tedious. They do not require stellar intelligence, genetics or busy work. Learning a language, learning to be a better parent, learning to be a better driver, they are just tedious stuff that works like a coin machine. More you insert; more you get out. So, embrace writing as a practice that will consistently get better.

So, ‘persistance?’ this is the way you deal with tediousness it is not the willpower that gets you through the bad days or the wit to earn a diploma it is just a simple belief in the process of progression, repetition will lead to better results.