Some posts could be tweets.

Some posts could be tweets

Since I started writing regularly. I’ve found myself wanting to write stuff

I was full of ideas for my blog. Some of my ideas bothered me enough to write full paragraphs based on very simple tweets like “white collar jobs suck, learn to code” etc. Come the actual writing time and I’m unable to progress more then 2 paragraphs. It seems like too much work. I have to have sources, an argument with at least some additional points. Maybe a supporting example. It took some time for me to wonder the reasons for my paralyzation to write simple posts. Then I realized that some posts could be tweets. Why is that?

It had something to do with Twitter itself. They were mostly borrowed observations. I saw something clearly witty and decided to capitalize on it in my blog. Equivalent to retweets I was just telling a borrowed story with my words on another platform.

Clearly, I had to make a case against blogging on borrowed observations. The tech space is full of them. A celebrity status thought-leader on the net says nothing but in-group hearsay to paddle a theory and whole followers are in on it. I was too a victim of this kind of thinking. This is a shortcut to jump into somebody else’s thinking without sharing the same experiences.

What makes a tweet-post?

If your argument and observations are borrowed from the outside at the same time; you are most likely writing a tweet-post. The whole point of blogging is to include your own voice. That can go both ways, you can either add your observations, data or argument. Add substance to somebody else’s argument with observations or add an argument to observations. When you do neither of that your are resorting to parroting. Also, don’t assume that everybody is on the same context when blogging. You have to get others to the same context for a lot of posts to make sense. Tweets do not need that, they have a convenient history. Just browse the person’s tweets long enough and you can just figure out what they are all about easily. Does your simple website have the same feedback functionality? Most likely not.

What is wrong with it?

It makes you sound like a next gen text generating algorithm. Not only you know the meaning of signals in the language you really mean what you meant. But somebody else just have read the original source of the derivative you just churned out.