I used to dedicate time to do focused reading, a alot.

Maybe my time devoted to deciphering words from a piece of paper (or a screen) relatively stays same but I've come to recollect less and less useful material from what I've read recently when I actually need to use them for something.

Take the Twitter morning routing for instance.

*opens app*

tech & finance insider jokes, a carefully thought out tweet from a big influencer that can only be understood fully if you read the whole thread of comments, non-actionable news, shitposts etc.

Instead of taking in an argument or thought piece all this routine ever does it to prime you to come back to big-brains-bird-app so you can join the conversation from the influencers that you trust to have good opinions, and deliver it consistently. Like adding a converstone content to bookmarks but never fully reading it. Perpetually.

Nothing ever stays with you, unless you are a creator and the creator routine forces you to remember facts to deliver quality content.

Even for the creators most of the work they put out is made out of existing content. It really goes to show how important reading is from every standpoint.

Simply put

  • Looking at others work gives you the qualitative framework that enables you to figure out what type of content would resound with a given audience. Consuming is the qualitative drive
  • Setting time for focused reading is the quantitative drive, the creative munition that empowers whatever content you are trying to produce. Reading is the quantitative drive.