Hello!… I faintly exclaimed into despicable darkness of my online presence “that shall be my first blog” and all storytellers I know talks about themselves first.

Just as any average joe in Turkish education system I grew up to despise long paragraphs, expressive pieces and emotionally saturated verses as they are to be analyzed obsessively not to be internalized or relate to. Tugged to be ignorant to the power of content creation through high school. This pure genius takeaways from a complete bs. of an education system slowly faded away at the day I realized there is no perfect 9to5 grinder and everything I've been told about job market is just about to become hokum so to speak. But still they successfully kept me away from keyboard but I guess there is no late start to this.

So there is this article from pocket pressing on the power of consent creation of all sorts in modern leadership and how it empowers better understanding of your network gave me the last nudge to actually write this half-cringe worthy piece of writing so this 17kb pure markdown can live happily ever after in a ovh hosted bare metal somewhere in London.

Cringeworthy you said?

Yes absolutely, I cannot presume a fresh-start without setting off cringe detectors the fact that this blog was written in school library with Simon Sinek's “How great leaders inspire action” playing on loop is by itself cringeworthy.

I started writing on purpose in elementary school 5th grade I would copy and paraphrase stories from my favourite novel books. Inevitably adding some local taste in those foreign pieces written literally decades ago some would turn out to be an accomplishment while most of goes straight to mental trash bin earmarked to never to be recalled evet. Boy haven't I spend days on writing with my ballpoint pen, battled with recognized as the chronic nerd that spends break times with a ballpoint pen constantly churning out what appears to be a complete nonsense since he does not turn those pages to be published in the school newspaper That could his intentions might be? A lot of 5th graders stand puzzled some of them made attempts to read those pages while I am away.

In a recent visit to these alleged-gems-of-5th grade I found a poor worded copy George Orwell's 1984 with a 11 year-old's sentence structures and vocabulary which took 450 pages to finish all handwritten also a parallel universe edition of Truman Show where the unknowingly-living-in-at-tv-show part is intact.

Instead of my nonexistent knowledge of world politics, world renowned wits gathered from an education at Eton College and extensive travelling to Burma etc. and so on… My 11 year old self dreamed this world of chaos as a matter of economic inequality. People from lower areas of the economic ladder gets to thrown in concentration camps all over the world where socioeconomically affluent people do as they wish. This low life privilege pleasuredome is surprisingly controlled by what my early self called “Master” is on the televisions everywhere and billboards on the streets.

Of course not every original artistic or practical knowledge from early ages would suddenly turn your argument into a solid one. It would be like arguing you could be the next zuckerberg or bill gates if you only could dropped out of college, or growing up in Ireland and gathering early bartering skills partaking in trades will guarantee you will co-found Stripe. Instead I am here to underline the power of originality and the power of synthesis.

Thinking about the whys and hows about this dramatic change falls the blame on every single f*cking time except from one single sneaky culprit. i.e. my habit of turning to online binging for quality content that would once in a while leads me to somewhere original but most of the time done for the sake of keeping myself updated about the world. Spending so much time my head buried in content from different outlets that I just didn't have a chance to actually synthesize that accumulated random knowledge into some form of coherent piece of content. Now without any synthetic movement.

I look and think like just like any dude you'd come across around the corners of Reddit. Knowing what universal basic income is only to be able to discuss it with some other dude that frequents in /r/aboringdystopia, without the synthesis knowledge came and go with the same velocity turning my brain and judgement into an interconnected nodes of internet half-assery.

My Orwellish past self does not have ubiquitous access to broadband internet. He only had access to what he had in bookshelves hours of input and unfettered focus on the material eventually led to some output.

I am here to say this is my bounce from “quality content consumer” status. I chipped off platinum loyalty cards; don't mind priority boarding either. In the age of medium instagram maybe none of this effort won't matter but here I am making a fresh start…

*To any of you who still thinks your inner voice matters.*