I really wanted to write this in Turkish. Before everything it is more appropriate for the context, really what hurts me more is to see my ability to write coherent pieces in Turkish has somewhat detoriated. Probaly due to practical usage of it. I rarely ever use it to convey anything meaninful or throughly researched anymore.

Though what I have a hard time with is to see everyday things, when mounted on top of one another, creating bigger problems and distrupting systems in the process. I generally have to have an outsider paint me a picture to understand.

Before you spend time on my take, please take a step back to look at two other wonderful writeups that encouraged me to produce mine. I just presented an established problem from my own POV, nothing more.

First article

Second article (somewhat more relevant)

Once there was a notion of “American Dream” on the land of free: anyone could make it. It had a nation building aspect whether you consider the conquering the west of the states for the first time or a 1950's home in the suburbs: a car, wife, kids, picket fences and drive-ins. All of these gave the middle class (or the rising middle class) a reason to strive for the whatever small scraps left on the table after corporate and politics did their thing. Middle class can be easier to motivate though. They rarely need external help (they buy motivation books and listen to that crap 7/24) and keen to accept the blame when a rich person tells them you are simply not good enough. They also rarely get organized, something that is unique to them I suppose. That may or not be situational, when you look at it holistically a group of political or monetary hustlers can pull off an organizational attempt better than a bunch of whatever “exceptional” college grads with clear cut job titles, hundreds of hours chasing after crappy cardboard furniture from IKEA and an entry level Mercedes.

A similar thing once presented itself. Let's call it “Turkish Dream” for similarity.

It wasn't for anyone or everyone, latter was catered towards an established base of strivers: a so called middle class that obtained their status via education. You've got the internal migration surge at the 80's and beyond where the advent of the national university placement exam is. Acts as a “great equalizer” in a crowded country with limited resources to select the best version of middle class workers there is. Very similar to Chinese Gaoako and Indian JEE in that regard. Though a little bit different as ours is not entirely based on merit, can be on the exam day but not on the field itself.

You don't need an exam or a promise for a middle of the road modern life for other classes or walks of life to strive for something or come to live in the city, they already done that.

The new state didn't need a dream for everyone

Funnel was simple enough: start in a city -> get a good elementary education from a gov school -> sit in highschool entrance exams -> get a good secondary education from a gov highscool * (get to know your fellow prospective middle classers as well) -> sit in university enterance exams and perform exceptionally well ** -> get a good job and a stable career where you can practive the lifestyle of Turkish white collar middle class.

* (reads whatever science or anatolian highscool is available to you.)

** (reads the self proclaimed top 5 universities in Turkey, you know what I am talking about)

To be honest, before the 80's social mobilty through education was a neat practice, that was nothing new. Though after the 80's and especially in the 2000's where a recovering economy with promising signs of development, social capital etc. middle class people could be afforded more compared to their families. You could expect to have a house, a car or two, send your kids to private institutions and have money on the side. That was the dream after all.

That funnel is… well… kinda broken these days. You cannot realistically expect the same economic or social results at the same or slightly higer amounts of work you've out into the system, everyday more would be required.

If I can be candid with you. I am the product of that belief system as well everything I did, ganied as a skill paraded as my success was about that thing, that notion about filling up my resume with random garbage just to get in a 8to5 job with 4000₺ attached in the end. Because everybody is doing it. Right? It is so natural that managers that grew up with and profited from this funnel have a right to complain about that.

Why the Z generation then… Unimpressed, unmotivated to work and changes jobs like underwear. Hear it from me.

They scammed our parents too.

Can you expect otherwise when somebody hears nothing but selfishness, extra unpaid and demanding work hours, unwilling neglect and dead-end career paths when their parents from private sector talks about their job? You bet.

The jobs are: unimaginative, repetitive and condescending.

At my university, we do these big name top shelf career fairs where we supposed to meet recruiters. What is surprising about that is interviews, job processes presented from every year that progresses are moving towards to becoming a total practical joke.

Everybody has their objections about the generation Z. The best things are missed so far. This is a generation of entrepreneurs, husters, social changers and volunteers. Who do not need someone with authority-by-maturity to boss them around on something so unremarkable. Please ask yourself, for the last 3-4 years did you appreciate youth taking part in political, social or economic matters? Leading them? Should we thing again how we approach them in the work setting? Even f*king plants can send emails now.

Every presentation I came across is heavily gamified to get into the minds of the so called attention seeking, mobile-first generation Z. They show you your career path as a ladder, time to get to each of them, benefits and pay attached. Whatever unimaginative, unorginal, though demanding that you have in store for us is not really important or makes sense anymore.

It has come to a point that much of the standard 8-5 grinders does not really require a skillset aside from being a decent human being and operating a computer at a basic level and speaking plaza Turkish due constant practice. Keep marketing that shit like it is something special and we should be grateful for finding it. OK?

Do we have a future after all?

So, you know people from certain backgrounds tend to collect and hoard value that is easier to carry and exchange. Those of whom generally are oppressed, displaced or not welcomed with a warm smile to feel comfortable for a big balls investment in the countries they live in. They never that that trust level (think of Nazi Germany)

It is really interesting to see a whole arsenal of top holdings and firms baffled on the sight of this realm. People doesn't think they have a future for crying out loud. Working for you or any of that kind is an investment, and what'd be the return? Oh yes, enough monthly income to rent a dungeon in big cities. What is it more you want?

For anyone still pursing this fruitless, lifeless, remorseful life path. A relic from 2000's. I can only hope that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel somewhere. Everybody is messing with you and you are still keen to attend another useless career fair, another certificate program that nobody cares.

Hey you!

Stop applying for that useless internship and get something better to do with your time.