Whose dream do you live in?

Nerds, corporate, media…

I live in the clash of those dreams, observing the forces shape a world which does not exist yet.

I've recently finished reading Outliers from Malcolm Gladwell. As I often do in my blog, this prompted me to write small bits about the meaning of work and future.

They say that university is the best 4 years of life; a combination of scrappy grit, freedom and a desire to explore, often served with a dedication to future. If you believed in one.

What happens then, if you and majority of your campus don't?

Gladwell talks about so called “success elevators” in great lenght being raised in the right environment, on the brink of revolutions, learning to navigate life in early ages and many factors.

When we ponder about developing economies’ faith in the coming decades and how they would manage their talent base. (such as in Turkey) We've came to a blunt reality. ‘Grit’ in campuses are fading away ever so quickly.

Begone the days of career fairs, people talking about their internships and science competitions

Uni and early career years are supposed to be learning enablers, both self and organisational prestige, teaching quality and location of a university is important; but dwindles in importance if one doesn't improve their prospects themselves.

Times of stability gives people clear career trajectories, gives time for institutions to prepare and adjust, parents to calculate lousy ROI on education. What we are seeing is the opposite of stability. Colleges are being shit-talked, fiat currencies are infilating, middle management are slashed and most importantly young people sees role models in the new economy, not in the corporate world.

What will happen if young people perceive unstability and turn to dead-end jobs, unfit carrers or no carrer at all? Surely developing economies have huge collateral damage to pay for hindering meaningful practice for the coming decades, paid in talent dollars.

Decide what you want to do and act quickly. There won't be much time until 15-min grocery delivery apps enrols ‘unsure’ and ‘uninsured’ massed into the gig-economy.